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Our People

Quincy Bioscience is only successful because of the great people that work here. Our team is composed of professionals from many different disciplines and works hard to serve the needs of our customers. Hard working, intelligent and thoughtful, our Associates keep striving help others with their health needs through innovative products. Quincy Bioscience is a collection of mothers, fathers, siblings and children that work together as a family.

All of us at Quincy Bioscience love animals. Below you can see many of the personally owned pets of the associates here at Quincy Bioscience. We have a strong desire to practice ethical testing in animals and humans for the purpose of enhancing the health of all people and their pets!

Meet the Pets of Quincy Bioscience Employees

Benji - I always thought Benji was part cat. He would only come to me when he felt like it. And the little dictator in him managed to tell me what to do at all time…feed me, stood by the treat door, positioned himself in the hall around bedtime staring at me to put him on my bed for the night.

Bjorn - Bjorn is our 65 lb lap dog. He’s always smiling and his favorite activity, besides going for a W.A.L.K. is riding in car.

Brandy - Brandy loves to watch TV. I put on a show about polar bears while making Christmas cookies and Brandy sat and watched the entire show and did not bother me while baking.

Carly - Carly is a 3 year old yellow lab who loves to play and is an expert cuddler. Most days, you can find her on her dog couch looking out the front window of the house.

Conan - Conan is almost 3 years old and rules the house! He loves to spend his days waking his mom up at 4:00 a.m., bathing in the sun, playing with his toys, and helping his dad study.

Gilly - Gilly is called Super Gilly Pig because she has black and white spots like a speckled little pig. Every night around 8:00 p.m. she does what we call the Frenchie 500. She runs and runs in circles for about 20 minutes until she passes out.

Lizzy - Lizzy got me through the roughest of times. She knows when I need snuggles and she knows how to make me laugh.

Miss Callie Mae - Miss Callie Mae loves to hang out on my bed during the day and wants to be petted when I go to bed.

Miss Lexi Lu - Miss Lexi is a sweet, sweet dog. Loves to bark at the doorbell and LOVES chasing the ball!

Pumpkin - My cat pumpkin will not lay still when I pet her, she walks around the room and will slow down if needed so I end up walking/crawling around the room and petting her!

Mr. Winston - Mr. Winston can’t wait for us to sit down so that he can be on our laps. He goes absolutely crazy when I bring out the treats and he likes to hang out laying on your shoulders. Quite a sight!

Remi - Remi is a Chocolate Lab and will be turning 4 in October. He is very large (96 lbs last time at the vet). Despite his size he is very kind and gentle and loves our boys, he is very much a part of our family!

Rose - When Rose wants attention, she lets you know, which is a lot of the time. If John and I are sitting next to each other on the couch, she’ll try to wedge her 75 lb self in between us.


Our Values


We believe in the power and promise of research. The focus, drive and skills of our people will leverage our technologies to achieve our vision.


We respect the talent and unique perspective that each person contributes to the Quincy Bioscience team. Harnessing the synergy between us is key to our success.


We are committed to our employees, our partners and the public that we ultimately serve. Honesty, openness and a sense of responsibility serve as our guiding principles.


We strive to exceed expectations and achieve scientific excellence. Only by challenging ourselves and our colleagues to continuously improve will we realize our full potential.


Although culture isn’t a value, how we interact with each other says a great deal about who we are. We work through our challenges and celebrate our triumphs together. We work hard, respect each other and have fun while we do it.

Our people are at the core of everything we do. We laugh, applaud and support one another on a daily basis. We love what we do and enthusiastically celebrate our achievements. We all sincerely believe that IT CAN BE DONE!

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