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Prevagen Races To Raise Awareness For Vitamin Angels At NASCAR Xfinity Series Race In Daytona

Prevagen is teaming up with Vitamin Angels to raise awareness for at-risk populations around the word in need of lifesaving vitamins and minerals.

DAYTONA, Fla., Feb. 16, 2018 – Prevagen is teaming up with Vitamin Angels this weekend for the NASCAR Xfinity Series: PowerShares QQQ 300 in Daytona, Florida. The Prevagen sponsored No. 45 car will be driven by Josh Bilicki for JP Motorsports.

Prevagen, the number one selling memory support supplement, recently announced its season long primary sponsorship of Bilicki and has chosen to use this race as an opportunity to raise awareness for the highly rated charity.

Vitamin Angels helps at-risk populations in need – specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five – gain access to lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals. Working in over 66 countries where vitamin deficiencies are known to exist, they help children attain good health and the opportunity to lead meaningful and productive lives.

“Quincy Bioscience is proud to utilize our NASCAR racing team sponsorship as a brand megaphone to tell as many people as possible about the excellent life-saving work of Vitamin Angels,” said Tom Dvorak, vice president of sales and marketing at Quincy Bioscience, manufacturer of Prevagen. “Prevagen and Vitamin Angels are both committed to helping people live as healthy and as productive lives as possible.”

“We’re honored to be part of the Prevagen team and excited to share our work with the NASCAR community,” said Howard Schiffer, President and Founder of Vitamin Angels.

Prevagen, a brain health support supplement, is clinically shown to help with mild memory problems associated with aging. Prevagen is safe and uniquely supports brain function. For more information about Prevagen, please visit https://www.prevagen.com/.




District Court of New York Dismisses FTC Complaint
against Quincy Bioscience

MADISON, Wis., Oct. 2, 2017 – On September 29, Judge Louis Stanton of the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York dismissed the Federal Trade Commission and the New York Attorney General’s complaint against Quincy Bioscience, the makers of Prevagen. John Villafranco, partner at Kelley Drye and counsel representing Quincy Bioscience in the complaint, released the following statement:

“We are very pleased with the Judge’s decision today,” said John Villafranco. “We continue to believe that Quincy Bioscience has presented substantial evidence in support of its claims about Prevagen.”




Prevagen Extends Josh Bilicki Sponsorship; Celebrates Ten Years of Prevagen at NASCAR Chicagoland 300

Prevagen 10th anniversary commemorative NASCAR design featuring the throwback logo of Joey the Jellyfish logo, driven by Josh Bilicki at the Chicagoland 300.

MADISON, Wis., Sept. 15, 2017 – Prevagen’s sponsorship of Josh Bilicki is extended for the season finale race as he competes in the NASCAR XFINITY Series in Chicago. Prevagen first announced its sponsorship of Bilicki, a native of Richfield, Wisconsin, in August. Bilicki will race in the No. 78 B.J. McLeod Motorsports Chevrolet Camaro at the Chicagoland Speedway this upcoming weekend.

“I’m thrilled to have Team Prevagen again as my primary sponsor for this race,” says Bilicki. “We’re coming off my career best NASCAR finish at Road America, so I’m hoping that we can keep that momentum rolling. I’ve been very fortunate to have Prevagen as a sponsor over the last two months and build a solid relationship with them.”

“We’re thrilled to support Josh at the Chicagoland 300,” said Dakota Miller, director of sales and marketing at Quincy Bioscience, the makers of Prevagen. “Josh has impressed us all with his poise and skill in his rookie year in NASCAR. We are also excited to bring back in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Prevagen our original Joey the Jellyfish logo and incorporate Joey in the car’s colorful wrap.”

This weekend’s Chicagoland 300 NASCAR Xfinity Series race will be televised live on NBCSN on September 16 at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time. All practices and qualifying will also be televised live.

Prevagen, a brain health support supplement, is clinically shown to help with mild memory problems associated with aging. Prevagen is safe and uniquely supports brain function. Prevagen is available in over 40,000 retail outlets nationwide including Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, GNC and www.Target.com.




Prevagen To Sponsor Josh Bilicki And B.J. McLeod Motorsports For NASCAR XFINITY Series Road Courses


MADISON, Wis., Aug. 4, 2017 – Prevagen will be sponsoring Josh Bilicki, a Richfield, Wisconsin native, in all three road courses in the NASCAR XFINITY Series. Bilicki will drive the number eight B.J. McLeod Motorsports Chevrolet Camaro at Watkins Glen, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and Road America.

Prevagen Sponsored NASCAR

“I’m excited and very thankful for this sponsorship opportunity. I’m looking forward to performing well at these upcoming road races,” said Bilicki. “I certainly have much more road course experience than I do oval experience, so I feel like this will be more of an equal playing field between myself and my competitors.”

Prevagen is excited to sponsor Josh Bilicki and B.J. McLeod Motorsports as a primary sponsor for Watkins Glen and Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course as well as an associate sponsor for the upcoming race at Road America in Wisconsin. At just 22 years old, Josh Bilicki is turning heads in the NASCAR world, having just competed in the Overton 301 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, one of the preeminent races in the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series.

“We are proud to support an up and coming driver from Wisconsin. It wasn’t too many years ago that Quincy Bioscience also started with our first offices in Richfield, WI,” noted Todd Olson, Market Development Manager. “Josh is a talent on the race track and his determination is inspiring. We are proud to join as newer sponsors with the greater NASCAR family.”

Prevagen, a brain health support supplement, is clinically shown to help with mild memory problems associated with aging. Prevagen is safe and uniquely supports brain function. For more information about Prevagen, please visit https://www.prevagen.com/.

This weekend’s Zippo 200 NASCAR XFINITY Series race will be televised live on NBCSN on August 5th at 2:00 PM Eastern Time. All practices and qualifying will also be televised live.




Quincy Bioscience Vehemently Denies FTC Allegations,
Vows to Fight Complaint on Behalf of Its Customers


MADISON, Wis.,Jan. 9, 2017 – Quincy Bioscience released the following statement in response to the Federal Trade Commission’s and New York Attorney General’s unfounded and inaccurate complaint against Prevagen.

“We vehemently disagree with these allegations made by only two FTC commissioners. This case is another example of government overreach and regulators extinguishing innovation by imposing arbitrary new rules on small businesses like ours.

“Prevagen is safe. Neither the FTC nor the New York Attorney General has alleged that Prevagen can cause or has caused harm to anyone. And hundreds of thousands people tell us it works and improves their lives.

“It is unprecedented for a complaint like this to be brought by only two sitting commissioners, let alone two commissioners from the same party. The FTC is supposed to be headed by five Commissioners, representing a diversity of political backgrounds. Chairwoman Ramirez, one of the FTC Commissioners who voted in this matter, has herself acknowledged the benefits of a full, five-member Commission.

“Quincy has amassed a large body of evidence that Prevagen improves memory and supports healthy brain function. This evidence includes preclinical rat studies, canine studies, human clinical studies, and, most importantly, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical testing. This type of testing has long been acknowledged by both the FTC and the FDA to be the ‘gold standard’ for scientific evidence.

“The FTC does not allege that Quincy’s principal clinical study fails to meet the FTC’s and FDA’s own definition of ‘gold standard,’ nor does the FTC allege that the study was poorly designed or inappropriately conducted, or that it failed to rely on scientifically-validated measures.

“The sole dispute rests on the interpretation and analysis of the data, with the regulators attempting to hold the company to a standard that is unreasonable, scientifically debatable, and legally invalid. Their experts simply disagree with ours over how to interpret the study results. The FTC should not be the arbiter in matters of scientific debate. We are proud of the work we have done to support Prevagen’s effects and believe our large body of evidence clearly satisfies the longstanding standard to support such claims.

“The FTC has already brought three similar cases against three other companies in which the Commission tried to impose its own rigid interpretation of a company’s scientific evidence to prohibit truthful, non-misleading claims. In each case, the FTC lost. This matter is of keen public interest and the facts of this case underscore the importance of proceeding carefully. There is no reason for a short-staffed and lame-duck FTC to rush this complaint through.

“Quincy Bioscience will vigorously defend ourselves. The Americans who rely on Prevagen to improve their lives deserve nothing less.”

About Quincy Bioscience
Quincy Bioscience is a biotechnology company based in Madison, Wisconsin, focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel technologies to support brain health in aging, with a specific emphasis on memory support and cognitive health. Quincy Bioscience is set apart by its cutting-edge applications of the patented protein apoaequorin, which has been tested to show improvements in cognition and memory in clinical trials.


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