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Madison Memory Study:

A Randomized, Double-Blinded,
Placebo-Controlled Trial of Apoaequorin
in Community-Dwelling, Older Adults

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Madison Memory Study


Safety Assessment

of Apoaequorin*
Dosing in the study was the equivalent
of 4,000 times the recommended daily
amount of Prevagen 10 mg and 2,000 times
the recommended daily amount of Prevagen
Extra Strength 20 mg.

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Safety Assessment

of Apoaequorin*

Apoaequorin has not shown to have any
significant risk of allergic cross-reactivity
for those who are allergic to known allergens.

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Ongoing Research Partnership

Quincy Bioscience has had a long standing
sponsored research agreement with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Neuroscience department
and the laboratory of Dr. James R. Moyer.

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