Prevagen® Manufacturer, Quincy Bioscience, Receives Support from Dietary Supplement Industry in FTC Case

The Natural Product Association (NPA), The Council for Responsible Nutrition, The Consumer Healthcare Products Association and The Alliance for Natural Health-USA have joined together in offering their support of Quincy Bioscience against FTC's actions. NPA President and CEO Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D., stated in a press release, “NPA will continue to stand up for companies who follow the laws and provide natural alternatives for Americans who want them."

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Quincy Bioscience

About Quincy Bioscience Quincy Bioscience is a biotechnology company based in Madison, Wisconsin, focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel technologies to support brain health in aging, with a specific emphasis on memory support and cognitive health. Quincy Bioscience is set apart by its cutting-edge applications of the patented protein apoaequorin, which has been tested to show improvements in cognition and memory in clinical trials.

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